Our Services

Eye Exams

Our doctors provide thorough eye health and vision exams which emphasize patient education. We use the latest technology such as iWellness and HD digital letter charts to ensure you receive the best care and the sharpest vision with your new glasses.

Contact Lens Fitting

Caledonia Vision Center offers contact lenses for kids, sports and specialty use. Our doctors are skilled in the fitting of multifocal lenses which can nearly eliminate the need for reading glasses in patients over 40. We are now offering custom scleral lenses for patients with severe dry eye or high amounts of astigmatism which has previously prevented them from wearing contacts.

Medical Treatment of Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry Eye Syndrome affects many adults and is exacerbated by frequent computer and smartphone use. The cause of dry eye is an inflammatory condition that decreases healthy tear production. Using techniques and medications to eliminate the specific cause of your dry eye symptoms can lead to better comfort and even clearer vision.

Treatment and Management of Glaucoma

The addition of new technology to our practice allows our doctors to diagnose, manage and treat glaucoma here in our Caledonia office. Glaucoma is a medical condition of the eye that causes the optic nerve to thin resulting in irreversible vision loss. Glaucoma is often well controlled with eye drops which prevent vision loss, but only if it is caught early. A dilated eye exam along with detailed family history will help our doctors determine if you are at risk for developing glaucoma and may need additional testing which will be performed here in our office.

Cataract Care

Our doctors work alongside several skilled cataract surgeons to provide comprehensive pre- and postoperative care for surgical patients. This allows our patients to have their post op care performed by our doctors right here in Caledonia.

I always have a good experience with the Dr. and staff at Caledonia Vision Center. I always recommend.

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I always have a great experience at Caledonia Vision Center.


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